Just noticed a few bugs and visual glitches, and since the Switch has that handy video recording button I took some samples:

  • I believe I collected a heart piece twice by picking it up while it was being blown by wind, as you can see in this video. You hear the ‘get item’ fanfare but the heart piece is still there.

  • I don’t even know if you would technically call this a glitch, but I was able to jump on top of an enemy and collect a torch at the same time, and the game began spamming me with text as though I was continuously switching between torches while I wasn’t moving.

  • I think this might already have been discovered, but I began hovering as Octavo while stepping off a platform and onto an upward wind gust.

  • When trading a glass item like a shovel for a non-glass shovel, the glass shovel laying on the ground will show a status bar as though it’s been halfway depleted of energy, but of course, glass items only break when you’re hit by an enemy. I don’t have a photo of this at the moment, but it wouldn’t be hard to replicate.

  • I wish I had written down the seed number for one of the generated maps, because two arrow tiles appeared right up against each other and were pointing in one another’s direction, and whenever I tried to step on it the game would immediately freeze and restart (I guess because it created a recursive loop without end?). I tried it a couple of times, but before I could think of it I died and ended up on a different map.

    Thanks for making such an awesome game! I often explain my experience of growing up autistic and later becoming an artist by talking about my obsession with Link’s Awakening and analyzing the way the game was clearly put together out of rearrangeable tiles, and how I would become obsessed with the occasional rare texture that shows up in a single location in the game. So making a Zelda game that continuously restructures itself based on identifiable patterns is like catnip for me, and the fact that I spent more time playing the free DLC for Cadence of Hyrule than the remake of Link’s Awakening over the holidays has to say something. I’d also be very supportive of adding a level editing mode like the original Crypt of the Necrodancer. :wink:


Just some extra info:

The heart piece is not collected twice, at the very least.
The game is made so that the collect sound is played when you start moving towards an item, not when it is actually collected. Which I’ve always found to be a bit weird…
You can try simply starting moving against any item and pause the game before collecting it and you’ll notice that the sound effect still plays.
This can lead to situations where it might seem like you collected something when you really didn’t.

The second clip (repeatedly collecting an item) is what I cover here:

The 3rd one (walking in air) is this:

The bounce trap issue is pretty hilarious.
The game is calculating your new position when stepping onto it, so you must be getting stuck in an infinite loop just updating back and forth until game crashes, similar to infinite reflect damage loops in older patchjer.

Oh, that’s funny about the heart piece. I checked my inventory and saw that I had two pieces, but couldn’t remember if I’d picked one up earlier.

I also just spotted this glitch where a gel being attacked on a staircase suddenly becomes trapped underneath the stairs.