Graphical glitch after exiting factory.

After exiting one of my factories, the city view went crazy and changed colors…twice. Here are a couple of screenshots. GaveData attached.

Thanks so much for providing the GameData, fingers crossed for some kind of reproduction!

OK, a couple follow up questions:

  • Does this happen fairly frequently or is this the first time it’s happened?

  • When this issue occurs () does it happen in a specific state of the game? ie. Is it ALWAYS the connected factory where it occurs or does this happen with other buildings as well? Are you in pause mode or is the game running at 1-3x speed?

  • I noticed in your last save that the camera is stuck all the way at the edge of the map, but I can’t seem to reproduce the issue using your other saves by exiting and entering the buildings. Is there a specific save that I should attempt to load?


This is the first time it has happened. All I can tell you is, I was in one of my 3 tier factories, I clicked the button to return to city view and everything turned blue (screenshot 1), then it all went purple (screenshot 2). The save file I attached to this post is the one to use. Maybe exiting the factory somehow caused the camera to go crazy and move all the way to the edge of the map? I zooming in & out, moving the mouse around etc, but it didn’t help. I had to shut the game down and restart to recover from it.

Thanks for answering my questions, I’ll see what I can find.

Same bug this evening, while upgrading a factory level 2, I enter in, then get out and the map city becomes purple like on screenshot.
I saved, quit and reload, the bug remains.
My bug’s ID is : zyypkdgp

Its the first time that is happen, I notice my “citizen count” passed to 6/6 to 6/0 after this bug,

I did not know if I had to create a new topic, I saw one already existing, so I refresh it, but if you prefer, i create a new one.

Hi there @Nato- some more details would be great!

  • did you move the camera away from the center of the building before exiting the factory?
  • does your camera return to the HQ if you press the home button on your keyboard?


Hi @byg_alexa,

I do not think I moved the camera away from center before exiting, but I will pay more attention if it happen again.

And yes the Home button return cam on HQ and the bug disappear.