Grid split/Fuel Bug

Build Number / Patch Number: 2020-08-10-1036-p18544-v862-S

Seed Number: 1455743700

Type of Bug: Systems

Blocking Progression: No

Result of Save/Load: No

Short description:

When I run out of fuel, my energy grids start splitting up into multiple different ones. Batteries get disconnected, until when the fuel reserves are stable again I switch the relays on and off again.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Switch off some fuel producing buildings.
  • Wait til the reserves hit zero.
  • Check the grid display at the top, the list will give you multiples (sometimes it went all the way up to “grid 5”)
  • Switch on fuel producers again, theres a chance that batteries will have been disconnected into their own grid and require the relay to be shut down and turned on again.

Attached save (2.7 MB)

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So like this is something that’s ‘technically’ correct-ish

You can, in theory, have entirely separate grids. you dont technically ‘have’ to connect your factories to the grid. If you have enough fuel, it can basically just be used to power whatever is inside that factory. You can theoretically have a fully ‘off the grid’ factory that uses only the energy that gets created locally. You lose the benefits of taking excess energy and shunting it outside obviously.

when you run out of fuel, the game disconnects all your industrial outlets as they’re now unpowered. This then makes all your energy devices inisde factories separate ‘grids’ which might be 1 or multiple independent grids depending on how your tetristed all the energy relays and industrial outlets

Once you get enough fuel, and your industrial outlets are charged, your grid count goes back to what it should be as now tehcnially your energy grid is connected.

Not sasying what you’re seeing isnt confusing in a way. Just explaining how the underlying system works and why it produces the output it does. I guess itd be nice if the calculation of grids did a recursive thing of knowing that even unpowered industrial outlets is still ‘connected-kinda-sorta’. But the current system requires the industiral outlet to be powered to connect to a grid, so that’s why when you lose fuel you see lots of separate grids pop up

Dont think its intentional that batteries get disconnected and need a “relay restart” to get hooked back in though.

That’s a different bug.

That’s more an issue where the energy grid doesnt reconnect itself properly, ran into a more severe version of that last night.

The running out of fuel and splitting into different grids is ‘technically’ correct afaik.

If you watch when you build a new generator before assigning an employee it shows as another grid since at that point it’s not connected to anything. If you build 2 side by side with the intent to connect them they will show as grid #2 and #3 till you connect, then only grid #2. Then once you assign a employee it joins into grid #1 automatically.

I to have ran into when having a large number of generators that at times when doing an upgrade of an existing one the grids seem to become more than one but it seems to go back after the upgrade is done.

Look, whatever you may think of if thats working as intended, the game does not communicate that it is. Hence a bug.

Also, I dont want my grids to split up just because some generators are getting fuel, and some arent. Since fuel is global, there is also not a way to provide fuel just to certain generators or not. I know that this is going to change in the future, but the way it is working right now, its definitely more in the bug category than in the working as intended. And FYI, the batteries not reconnecting was in my original report.

Unfortunately this is how the grid design is worked, but thank you for the feedback since we definitely need to change how it’s communicated. Any instances where not all devices come back online after being split up (ie, you lose fuel, so a generator goes offline, so a couple of devices go offline due to no energy, but when you get more fuel those devices don’t come back online) is definitely a bug though!

Sorry for the late reply, I do understand what you mean, but it would also imply that there is a “flow” to the energy, meaning some buildings or services get energy before others, and as it is, currently, its not possible to state some buildings are priority for getting power, than others. Even if communicated properly, how would it be a feature rather than something unfinished or not working as intended? I guess needs classification in the “Not Ready Yet” category. Doesnt take away from the game fun, really, but I wanted to make sure that it gets some attention down the line.

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Still have the issue of when power falls away (or is turned off at the source), relays need to be turned off and on again in order for connecting buildings or objects to switch on, even though power was flowing.