Has anyone else had this happen?

So I just bought the game and I’ve been enjoying it a lot, its been a blast playing. But I’m not sure if this is somesort of weird bug or just a stroke of major bad luck, but after each salvage I for whatever reason just keep getting different variants of missle launchers, I do get other weapons too but their not as frequent as this. I’ve tried them out but they just dont give the same impact to me as some other weapons can, but sadly most of my weapon selection is just missle launchers. I’ve probably got at least 30, and maybe 10 other type of weapons.

Also, is their a way to sell any of this equipment?

Hello! The missile launcher issue sounds related to the random generation related problems that should be addressed in the upcoming update.

No way to sell equipment at the moment, but that’s something we want to do in a future update.

Same for me, mostly ML’s and a few ultra heavies. Only a few other weapons after a certain item level.