having trouble removing waste...help

Been playing a few hours but i cant get my employees to remove waste
even though i try using general management tab…my workers are idle…what am i doing wrong?
ty in advance

Hi René, could you please send us a screenshot from your employees jobs management ?
how many employees are affected to this waste removing job ?
do you have a Waste Smokestack ?

if its anything like my situation then it looks like its caused by the waste not being registered as a resource?

Placing waste clean up at the top of priorities and having spare employees and the issue persists.
in the attachment, I have two full storage facilities filled with waste,

Do you use the filter of the storage facility? It may cause this problem.

You may need to build Waste Receptacles. Also for containers and storage facilities you have to enable their ability to store waste via the Filters.

more storage and more waste storage is the case sometimes it helps reload the save game when employers are stucked near ressource fields

I have the same problem -often-.

Can be resolved through two possible solutions. Both have worked for me at different times.
1.) Add a single small waste receptacle inside a building. It jump started everything once I did that.
2.) Save and reload the game.