Help me understand trucks

I don’t understand how to implement trucks. I get the concept, they move resources from one place to another. Though, I still don’t get it. To where? When? For how long?

Do they pick up automagically from a storage building? What if the storage isn’t next to the road? Say two tiles away? Do they pick up resources from the transport hub? How did it get to the hub? Workers? Do they move it there first?

Once the truck has resources, and they drive along the road, do they headi towards a construction project? Or a storage depot? When does it stop? What’s the “offload here” trigger? Does there need to be another transport hub to offload? Even if the building to construct is 5 tiles from the road? Do they only send resources to construction projects alongside roads? Do they send them to workers, who then pick it up and move it the rest of the way?

What if I have one straight line of roads, and one transport hub, and then later add another straight road, completely disconnected from the other - do I need another transport hub? Must they absolutely be all connected or the other roads are worthless?

Is there a roads guide somewhere? I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing? Are they just decorative at this point? What’s the thought process here? Am I being stupid?

Hi IncrdibleMouse, I’ll try to answer these to the best of my knowledge!

The benefit of roads is that they allow you to transport resources more efficiently since each truck can carry up to 5 resources at a time.

In general, the way they work is they can transport resources between storage (containers, storage facility, or stored resources/waste in the residential building or the smokestack), resource collection sites (salvages, resource patches, or mines), and construction/upgrade/dismantle sites. In order to get trucks moving, you must:

  • build a transportation hub to unlock roads
  • power the transportation hub
  • build roads next to the transportation hub, and any building or tile you’d like trucks to go (if you build a road not connected to a hub, they won’t have trucks)
  • then, the transportation hub starts you with one truck but you can buy more using credits. upgrading your hub will give you more space for more trucks

We haven’t implemented a tutorial yet because we still have a few features to add to transportation to fill out its functionality/complexity. Please stay tuned! I hope this answers some of your questions for now :slight_smile:


good explanation here. i know its very early but i still see piles of employees pathing to storage/smoke stack etc when road is right there(with trucks purchased) see trucks occasionally so not sure if it is me or its a development thing where preference needs to be road vs walking

Note that currently, for a truck to transport stuff there has be a road that attaches to both the source and destination. This means if what you’re building or where the resources are, isnt on a road, then they will still be manually transported.

As such its optimal to try to lay out your cities such that all buildings have access to roads if possible. Especially things like your Storage Buildings and Mines and Smokestacks. I see my trucks transporting trucks loads of waste to my Smokestacks so keeping those fed with Transports is a good strategy.

For our next Titan Tuesday, we are working on a Truck Overlay feature that will highlight your City View with colors in order to help you better understand the following.

  • Which buildings have access to roads?
  • Which direction will trucks drive?
  • What roads are enabled vs. disabled?
  • Some new features for Transport Hub we haven’t revealed yet.

I am also not understanding how to get my trucks up and running. I would like my trucks to collect the resources from my mines. I have all of my mines connected to roads, which are connected to my transit hub. I saw a few trucks coming and going from one of my mines, but not the others. Eventually I deleted that one mine to see if they would go to the others, but now my trucks refuse to do anything. Every time I check my transit hub, all of my trucks are “parked” even though there are outstanding tasks (i.e., my mines have full storage). Eventually my workers collect the resources by hand instead, even though it would be far faster if the truck collected it.

I understand this is early access and I assume this is a bug, but is there a workaround for this?

EDIT: I deleted some sections of road to make it simplier for my trucks, and now 1 truck out of 3 is actually on the roads now, but only the one. I’m not sure how to get my other trucks moving at all. There are multiple mines with full storage that need attention, all are connected to my very simplified road system.

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Hi @batslovecaves - welcome to the forums! You do need to make sure you have enough fuel for trucks to work. If that’s not the issue, and you’re playing on the main game (not experimental) I would recommend waiting until our update tomorrow to try again - we’re releasing a bunch of new content that significantly improves how trucks work and adds some more gameplay too! Please look forward to it.

This isn’t Earth with all its road regulations, let trucks drive everywhere and turn anywhere without them having to go to the end of the road to turn around.

@Gokki hmm, Trucks should be able to make left turns on both Experimental and Main right now. Is that not the case for you? Which version are you playing?

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I haven’t played the latest version so i guess that’s addressed. :hugs: