Hotfix 0.11.1

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that there are a few very strange issues currently in build:

  • Performance issue that occurs between 6pm and 8pm in-game time

  • Overlays with huge and sometimes bright/flashing artifacts

We have identified a possible cause for the performance issue and are still working on a fix that unfortunately did not make it for the end of the week - if we are able to fix it soon, we will patch the game again next week.

We are also currently investigating the strange overlay artifacts and looking for a possible fix.

Thank you so much for your patience with these issues!


:ringer_planet: indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Reduced the glitch effects on the ship hull models in Shipyard when selecting a hull to build
  • :ringer_planet: Added auto-currency setting to saves (so that it doesn’t need to be set each time)
  • :ringer_planet: Added the amount of storage increase to the buttons in the Council and Spaceport
  • Doubled the amount of time required to burn a single waste
  • Xethane overlay is now turned on when placing a fuel turbine
  • Rocks now have an increased chance at containing Resources and Artifacts instead of just Waste
  • Updated the roadmap!

FIXES AS OF 0.11.1

  • Fixed a bug in photo mode causing strange artifacts on the skybox
  • Fixed the blank screen inbetween main menu launch sequence and loading screen
  • Fixed the Energy Overlay not being dismissed correctly when placing energy devices
  • Fixed visual flickering issues on some more assets
  • Fixed offset overlay when selecting the Large Relay
  • Fixed a crash when emptying a resource patch
  • Fixed animation not exiting correctly, causing Employees to be stuck on Resource Patches and Rocks
  • Fixed Energy Plants all displaying the ‘not enough fuel’ flag if only one of them did not have enough fuel
  • Fixed a UI tooltip being out of position on some map tiles
  • Fixed icons missing on Lv2 and 3 Destroyed Rebel Camps
  • Fixed an incorrect arrow in a Connection tooltip
  • Fixed “City” being displayed when inside the shipyard instead of “Shipyard”
  • Fixed an infinite delivery loop that could result in a crash


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Unfortunately, trying to place a fuel turbine in high xethene areas is now very tricky with the new overlay, it’s a reasonable change, just makes placing a pain :slight_smile:


Thanks for reaching out! I’ve passed it on to the team - Jared

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I agree completely! Thank you for the feedback. We have some ideas on how to improve this.


The performance issue only occurs when shadow quality is on. (set to low or higer) and when i zoom in

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Thanks for reaching out! Please send your save file and report through the in-game bug reporter if you haven’t already.

For now, I’ve passed this on to the team! - Jared

Hi dear Council and proud Titan explorers
This is Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.

How about a post listing the changes or fixing of the patch 0.11.2 - b5388 ?
Because i had several gamecrash with a huge PC memory consumption (over 2,5Gb used)
gamescreen was frozen and bug report was not available, any action was not possible in game , graphik driver is the last one GeForce 466.11 Graphik Card is a GeForce RTX 2080 :grimacing:

keep the great job
This was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.

Greetings Cpt,

Thank you for the heads up! I’ve passed this on to the team. They feel like your save file could be very useful so if you manage to reproduce the issue and get a report in, it would be greatly appreciated!

For now, we’re continuing to work on fixes and optimization to prevent these sorts of issues.


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Here is Cpt BuzBB from Bright side of Titan.
Thanks for the tip Jared,
Where can i find a crashlog, when IoT XP branch 0.11.2 does’nt propose to upload the bug report
because PC screen frozed perhaps do to memory overconsumption (over 2,5Go memory used !)?
any dump folder or can i find this gamecrash log in Windows events ?

Many thanks Dev team for the great improvments…

This was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.
End of the coolmunication
see ya at next cycle

I play on a 4K monitor in the highest graphik resolution with all settings on titanic, not windowed, with widescreen effect and resolution scale in 150%
after several PC freez i tryed logically to lower the general display quality but also the resolution scale to 100%
trying many display resolution qualities with scale at 150%, game freezed after fiew minutes playing
but lowering the resolution scale to 100%, the game is at this moment stable in 4K (3840*2160) and in widescreen… :crossed_fingers:
What is the advantage to higher the resolution scale when we get a 4K quality definition
stay tuned brothers

PS : My workers team salvaged a very huge spot with very large ruins, that was weird, but no new ressource was find, perhaps will we have more chance at next salvaging !

This was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.

stay tuned brothers
end of coolmunication

Hi Cpt Buzbb!

Thanks for the extra information. Can I summarize what issues you’re having, and can you tell me if this is accurate?

  • You’re using a GeForce RTX 2080 with latest drivers (466.11)
  • You’re running on a 4K monitor (3840*2160)
  • At 150% resolution, the game always freezes after a few minutes. No matter matter what quality settings you used.
  • At 100% resolution, the game runs stable.

To answer your question about higher resolution scale. Setting it to 150% means that the game is run at 1.5x your monitor resolution, and then scaled down. So 38402160 is actually rendered at 57603240. Using a higher resolution scale is more demanding but can produce higher quality images.

We’ll get our QA team to try running the game at 150% resolution and try to reproduce your issues. For now I’m glad that 100% is working!


Many thanx for your feedback @byg_ben
your summarizing is right.
I try also to play with the widescreen settings

Keep the great job IOT Team !