Hotfix 0.4.2

Hey Founder. Your Chief Logistics Officer here. Just checking in with you before I sign off for the weekend to let you know we’ve fixed some more bugs. Patching you through the specifics.

Take a look through your city over the next few days and report back, will you? Thanks!


Changes as of 0.4.2

  • Just bug fixes!

Fixes as of 0.4.2

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when ships were destroyed
  • Fixed device dismantle jobs never being resumed when loading a game
  • Fixed citizens that died from pollution not being removed from the citizen counter, blocking the player from attaining more citizens if they died
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a game containing a specific road layout was saved and then either loaded or a new game was started
  • Fixed a couple logging crashes
  • Fixed loading a game resetting ship priority lists
  • Fixed ship damage textures both internal and external not displaying after a save was loaded
  • Fixed ships damage texture not updating when entering while paused
  • Cleaned up some old UI assets that were visible
  • Fixed missing string on an Employee that was repairing a floor tile
  • Fixed a text cutoff in ship details