Hotfix 0.4.3

Good afternoon, Founder. Our employees have been quite busy these last few days. They’ve fixed a host of issues that caused system crashes and eradicated an infestation of bugs. I hope you’ll see improvements to your city’s efficiency going forward.

Changes as of 0.4.3

  • Changed the way the tutorial loads - any dialog that was finished when the game was saved will now be played again on load if a tutorial step is open
  • Other than that, just bug fixes again!

Fixes as of 0.4.3

  • Fixed a regression caused by a change made to roads - hovering a road over any building would lower its level by 1. If lowered too many times, buildings could become negative levels and leave holes in the map when reloaded, and also sustained damage that couldn’t be repaired.
  • Fixed keybindings menu being disorganized when setting new keybinds, not grouping like keybinds (WASD) all on one side of the menu
  • Fixed some weapons in ships getting placeholder text and not allowing targeting on the enemy ship if the ship was exited and entered more than once
  • Fixed a couple typos
  • Fixed tutorial tips not loading correctly, leaving players with no way to continue the tutorial if they saved and quit halfway through
  • Fixed being able to name the corporation with a single space, creating a blank corp name
  • Fixed all Employee Management job categories always listing zero regardless of how many employees were actually in jobs
  • Fixed the reload bar on a Defensive Turret not being hidden when disabled
  • Fixed some Rebel ships displaying an incorrect or invalid target name in their UI panel when switching targets
  • Fixed the location of shipyard’s problem icon being the corner instead of the middle
  • Ongoing fix to a particularly annoying and hard to solve crash having to do with a bad job in labour management
  • Fixed citizens invisibly looping their death animation forever if they died of pollution, causing a negative credit earning rate and occupying monetization stations until disabled/enabled
  • Fixed a rare crash
  • Fixed a survey job causing a crash if a player’s XML had bad information
  • Fixed a one-off crash
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during ship explosion
  • Fixed habitat pod being released immediately on death instead of after the citizen death animation completed

You can find the full list of known issues here.