Hotfix 0.4.8

This hotfix is going to the main branch! We’ll have another patch on Experimental later today.

Changes as of 0.4.8

  • :ringer_planet: Destroyed buildings now display what they were before destruction more prominently

Fixes as of 0.4.8

  • Fixed double clicking the warning or problem flag on HQ, Factory or Shipyard not entering the building
  • Fixed prioritizing a building upgrade accidentally adding any waste cleanup jobs to the priority queue, causing all Employees to prioritize cleaning up waste
  • Fixed O2 appearing empty on load if loading in Tactical view

You can find the full list of known issues here.

Hey there BYG, it seems like my hotfix update have a hickup, cant seem to get the industrial outlets to work in anny building, it says it has no grid. just wonder if its a hickup in the auto install of the hotfix update or somthing else?

Great game btw, ceep on the good work!

Best regards //majormarulk

Hi @majormarulk - are you playing on the experimental version or the stable version? They are different versions, the bug you are describing is definitely in the experimental version of the game right now.

Im playing on the stable version, maby its just the auto update that missed somthing, i know that can hapend sometimes. Just did a verification on the files and will soon try and see if the bug is still there.