Hover Boots detection priority(?) bug

Sorry, missed getting this on video.

Steps to reproduce: Get to approximately the position in the screenshot with a Tektite nearby, Hover Boots, and NO Down Thrust (this was Permadeath Mode).

Expected behavior: Player can hover over the gap in the bridge with the Hover Boots.

Actual behavior: If the Tektite is ever directly beneath the player, the player “automatically falls down” to just above the Tektite, making it impossible to cross. Incidentally, it is near impossible to defeat the Tektite due to it being surrounded by high cliffs and deep water, and it is extremely difficult to lure the Tektite away in such a way that it no longer interferes with crossing the bridge, thanks to its movement pattern + bad depth perception (had to warp back to start of Death Mountain and retry about 4 times; each mistake means falling down and starting over; Hover Boots ran out before making it to Temple of Storms, to give an idea of how long it took).

Thanks for the find! Do you possibly have a seed number for this run?

106091893 should be it. Thanks!

In all situations simply hovering over an enemy will result in a bounce on it, even if you do not have down thrust. Height does not matter.
Pretty edge-case and not really relevant in most situations. (outside of the specific bridge in the original post, I guess)

It used to cause issues with the perma-death ToS 2F skip, forcing you to lure a lobby enemy in a very specific way to prevent you falling down because you’d otherwise hover right above them.
And this is currently used with the bounce cancel glitch to exit out of it by simply walking way above an enemy, causing you to fall down & bounce on it.

It would make sense for you to not fall down and bounce/thrust if you’re more than 1 height above the enemy.
In almost all situations you’d not want to fall down mid-hover onto an enemy down below.
If you have down thrust and really want to thrust something down below in this situation you’d still have the option to wait out the beat to fall and thrust the enemy.

A kinda similar issue with hover is stairs.
Whenever you hover south towards a set of stairs on a cliff, you will unexpectedly fall down to the stairs, cancelling out your hover entirely.