How can I recruit new pilots?

The title is pretty self explanatory, haha.
I have played around 9 hours and so far I haven’t come across this possibility.


Hi there @Alex_Aselia - after winning any battle at a farm, mountain base, fort etc, you can return to that location a couple of days later for a chance to recruit a new pilot. Please let me know if that works!

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It just happened to me! I rescued some citizen and escorted them back to their village. That’s nice! Thank you.

Our maximum squad is of 4, right?
Is there a plan to expand this max down the road?

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Right now it is 4 yes - I’m not sure of our plans to expand the base squad; it’s capped at 4 both for thematic reasons (you’re a ragtag team of pilots who is trying to win back your country) as well as mechanical reasons (fights with 4+ units on either side drag on longer than we’d like). It is possible to mod your files to increase the number of units in your squad - there is a channel in our discord where there is some info on that. We’re working on putting together some more cohesive modding guides, but in the meantime that’s a good place to start :slight_smile: