How do you keep enemies weapons intact?!


Say you’re in a battle and see an enemy mech that has a minigun you really want. Unfortunately, you have to destroy him and probably his arms get destroyed in the process which makes him lose his gun then you can’t salvage it. So how do you unlock/salvage new weapons like the minigun? Please let me know, thxs.

Hi there @Nerf_Tech! I asked one of the team members - they said:

There is still a 25% chance that it will be salvaged. It can also be salvaged from caches or traded from the black market.

Oh ok, thank you so much that helps a lot! Also is there a way to go into the simulation.yaml file with notepad++ and change the percentage?

There is a way, but it’s not just a single number you can change unfortunately. I can ask for details but it might be very complicated!

It’s okay I can handle it. thxs.

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Black Market? Have you actually implemented this then.