How frequent should patrols be?

I’m just wondering after spending a couple days with it, liberating a couple regions/sectors I’ve noticed trawling the posts here that patrols are apparently a thing.

I’ve only ever encountered marked convoys thus far and I’m rather stuck with old, often underleveled parts.

Should I start a new game?

Reading about patrols here on the forums make them seem rather commonplace. It’s rather barren in my playthrough.

I didn’t find many patrols in my playthroughs. But others may have differing experiences. Convoys on the other hand were aplenty. Didn’t really bother engaging them after a while though.

As for the parts, try incapacitating enemies rather than destroying parts. I generally was able to have most my walkers on equal level to a region after liberating it. (Also, the black market event is a really good place to get way too powerful gear for your current level)

I noticed that regarding the convoy part. I set up two other new game saves and the amount of convoys differ as well, and this is with moving around the map looking for them. Wonder if the patrol/convoy population would be subject to change in the future. At least I hope so.

As for the spoilered part, I wound up getting to that point and it definitely is useful.

Ah, this is a great game. Would love to have a bit more patrols out to punt robots with. Modding guide right now seems sparse and I’ve been thinking if the patrol numbers are a variable that can be controlled or modded.

I don’t really see patrols- maybe a convoy here and there and the occasional attack force, but patrols just aren’t really around.

For whatever reason, I get a ton of patrols. In fact at one point I got stuck in a loop where a new patrol would spawn from a nearby POI while I was still salvaging and immediately attack, about 3 times in a row.

Such an odd thing to see.

Some folks having them - or too much of them - while others hardly see any.

I’ve put in maybe 10 or 15 hours each into two new saves, I’ve only seen three in the first save while in the other one they were absolutely absent. Convoys were plenty in both though. I don’t know if this is normal, but the difficulty ratings and equipment of those convoys were rather extreme even on the early game.

But yeah, specifically marked patrols or the lack thereof is a bit of an issue. I don’t know if it’ll be a problem down the line in any of my playthroughs, but I imagine there’s an opportunity to get stuck: Higher level territories might require better gear, but if I miss out on slavage from non-repeatable liberations I could end up improperly equipped.

I thought the patrols had been tuned in a previous patch. Did something go wrong?

I think the meta/strategy generally just needs more development, obviously not much going on in the world map but also not sure patrols are the best way to spice things up. Right now there’s a lot of benefit to not running away - finish scavenging.

I think patrols may be something we should see once per zone. Once we are in scanning range, we can determine their route so we can avoid them completely. But that also means we need more reasons to keep moving, to feel hunted.

Other things should happen to spice up the strategic map - the capital sending out reconquering armies would be the obvious choice. They walk around causing havoc and locking zones again, with the general murder and mayhem attached. These difficult reconquering armies would also feature a “boss” to make them particularly difficult, but also more rewarding.

Another thing that could happen is the enemy notices you’re trying to take a zone, and fortify one of their bases in that zone. Unless you capture it within 10-12 hours, the base gains a difficulty level or two. Or, heck, unless you capture it quickly, it deploys another patrol that you now have to fight/avoid.

I think once the map starts to come alive with things happening, the patrols will be less missed - I personally miss them most because they’re the only thing living on the map (convoys are just enemy bases that move). One patrol per zone seems fine, although a bit randomization is always nice.

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I have got a bit of that - a few times places I’ve liberated have come under siege and I have to skedaddle over there to lift the siege before the timer runs out.

@Harbin - I saw much fewer patrols playing yesterday. They only seem to spawn if you’re close to a hostile POI for a period of time?

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