I feel a replay feature is needed for a game like this

Sorry if I’m coming off as entitled, but I think an ability to see an entire fight without pause once completed would go a long way for a game like this.


Hi @freelancer_960 welcome to the forums! Rest assured our team also very much wants a replay feature for this game - it’s one of the things we’ve wanted to put in for a very long time. However given the game is in early access please don’t expect it to happen for quite some time :slight_smile: Thanks for posting!


ill second this… i would love love love the ability to do a cinematic replay of an encounter, and to save replays… even better would be the ability to export them to video like frozen cortex…


No worries, just wanted to get it off my chest is all. congrats on the early access launch!


I feel you guys. My wish is the same: after every battle you can press a “watch replay” button to watch the whole fight combined into one scene. You can stop, pause and slow down playback.

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This is the main reason I bought the game. I love it so far, but wish you could replay the previous round of actions as well as the entire mission at the end from various camera angles with pause, rewind, slow-motion…etc. This would add so much cinematograhic value to the game!

Keep up the great work on PB at BYG. This is a unique game and have not seen anything quite like this in a turn based tactical game.

I am super relieved that this is (if not in the works then) at least kind-of a planned feature. I came and joined this forum only to see if this was coming but totally understand this is not a high priority currently.

I also feel that this would be an essential feature. When mechs are spread out it is impossible to follow all the action while it occurs.
If you need inspiration on how the UI could look like and what functionality is useful, Frozen Synapse does an excellent job in that regard.

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battletart galapagos, watching the after-match “cinematic” was… really an experience.

One of my viewers just mentioned this exact thing today!

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Maybe put this in the FAQ or something.

This Feature keeps being suggested

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It is in the FAQ :slight_smile: