I submitted a bug ticket but was wrong about the problem

Turns out I didn’t realize the command center was down, so it wouldn’t let me dismantle the building nearby. Once the command center was back online it worked.

Apologies for the false bug report.

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Haha dont worry about it. I had like an entire bug report all ready to submit about how some road wasn’t connecting to my network. i built and rebuilt it 5 times. It made no sense because I can literally see the Trasnport hub next to it! Surely its in range! Why1!!!1!!!

Rotate camera

Road in front of transport hub is destoryed


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hahaha no worries @dallows - thank you for taking the time to report here as well! Community members like you and @Satoru are so appreciated by us on the QA team, as well as the rest of the development team!