I very rarely get Light mech parts as salvage

Looking at my inventory it’s like 70% heavy parts, 25% medium, and around 5% light.

I think the reason for this is light enemy mechs tend to get completely vapourised, whereas heavy mechs don’t die from a light breeze and may hang around long enough for a mission kill or ejection.

I feel like the post-battle loot algorithm needs to be tweaked to take account of this.

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It may be luck of the draw. In my replay I got nothing but light parts in the first 4 providences. I also got nothing but Bein parts in the next two. Im thinking the randomizer is getting in somewhat of a loop at times. Spamming you with certain things until it finds something else to make it recalculate.

Seems like we don’t get low armor/high shield parts past a certain level. I’ll check on my saves.