[IDEA?] "Healthcare" layer to the game ?


Considering the current times it made me thinking about a potential “healthcare” layer to the game. Focusing especially on the people, the idea would be to have new buildings like a clinic/hospital, labs with the possibility of creating bioweapon to attack the rebels, among other things like vaccines or waste eating bacteria
The potential treath of an outbreak and its consequences
The possibility to convert people into doctors with the capability of enhancing the workers and treat the population
Possibility to convert people into bio engineer to actually create vaccines, or pathogens
Physical health, people can’t go to work if they’re too sick
Capability of quarantining whole buldings if there’s an outbreak there
Hospitals and labs would work like factories with spaces, floor and new items like special beds (maybe wards ?)

Let me know what you think, is it a good idea to you ?

This is already in the plans :slight_smile:

It is part of our hospitals update.