Ideas ;) call it Adv. Feedback

Sealment Facility - (Employee Job)a Building for sole purpose of sealing a Crevice to further avoid releasing Xethane into the Atmosphere *useable only on Crevices… Sinkholes are off-limits
Anti-Air Raid Scanner - (Citizen Job) (tick-based Credits cost) a Powerful Antenna to further reveal FoW and for better tracking Enemy Ships
Emergency Services -
(Citizen Job) Warning of Incoming seasonal Changes & Weather (Forecasting Tower)
(Employee Job) Maintenance for Roads and Buildings removing snow and Xethane/pollution based deposits accumulating during Weather and overtime from Pollution (Maintenance Building)
(Employee Job) (Maintenance Depot) Truck and/or Aircraft to accomplish said Task 3/6/9 Vehicles
(Passive Building) (Wind Turbine) Low cost/output Power Facility with high degradation countered by Maintenance Buildings

just think about it :wink:

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