Ideas wishes

features wishes
-choose to walk or run in the command it allow to shoot more accurate when you walk but more slow and more easily to aim for the enemy and the opposite when you run. its add some customisation with stabilisator gear and other A REALLY DEEP MECH CUSTOMISATION
-have the choice to walk in reverse for show the front of the armour to the ennemy just run in reverse for assault and light armour or kind of legendary heavy armour but with more heating and may be more accurate with special gear or stabilisator in legs for example, it will give a lot of strategic choice "more heathing on the legendary i just equip a bullet weapon etc etc… "

stealth armour

  • for the enemy it will be more hard to hit in a first time and a full stealth high level rare or legendary you dont have the prediction system on this enemy in stealth mode and its really hard to heat they make a high critical hit in melee. of course you can equip some equipment in the gear system who decrease the stealth
    -take damage decrease the stealth or destroy the stealth
  • for the player the stealth generate some heat and its more hard for the enemy to aim, with a full stealth the ennemy dont see you
  • its allow a best deployment zone for ambush or other scenario BEHIND ENEMY LINE but a mistake and goodbye soldier :smiley:
    -smoke launcher the cloaking of the poor or who dont like heat ahah

-no reload weapon just overheat not very cool for bullet weapon who need reloading … it add magazine upgrade for weapon who play on rate of fire magazine capacity big bullet more damage time to reload etc etc… and in the next time for energy weapon the system of overheat stay "when i see the first cinematic with the big laser who kill a bunch of tank oh yeaaahhhh. BULLET ADD a cost to rearm or to buy and why not special amunition when you capture an weapon factory :D. with reload time we dont shoot like a dumbass at long rage with pistol or think before shooting with heavy machine gun because reloading in a bad situation is catastrophic. AND reloading take time of course and for some weapon you must stay stationnary but the skills pilot or system of gear allow to move walk or run in reloading :D. Ultra specialised pilots

  • artillery and missile will coming really great (your team make a great work because adding missiles is hardwork) u can imagine light missile launcher in the hull of the torso or big missiles on shoulder but with limited use and need lot of scrap to refill missiles

-for standard mission a deployement zone at the edge of the map or if the enemy is in town the enemy are in town and our deployment in 2 edge of the map for the town assault. light mech can deploy near of the enemy for reco etc…
-for ambush you can deploy all around the map is the same thing than a ambush scenario in a tabletop game like warhammer 40K a town who have a good radar is not ambush and receive you with big gun “for stopping the radar of the town destroy in a first time an electric generator or a another enemy base who scan the zone”

  • when the ennemy hold a town or supply depot mech or weapon making stationnary defence like turret or missile launcher or why not big artillery or bombardement “you mentionned in our stream” hard to dodge for somes mechs or simply you dont know where the carpet bomb will fall in a first time but with some equipement you can say when it fall or a special perk of a pilot :smiley: . no carpet bomb on a isolated sniper in a stealth armour before he shoots for example but against your heavy mech who go shoot a lot…


  • xp and perks in you stream will be cool “pilot acquire special talent because he kills a lot of pilot ahah”
  • ennemy pilot ejected you can capture oh yeaaahhhh “in your stream too”
  • low level pilot enemy will be some people take in invaded city and fight for the enemy because they menacing their family event with objectives after to capture these pilots to retake town with condition to not destruct a bunker or other “the basement of the family or a prison in city” give you new free pilot and a big morale boost CELEBRATE OH YEAHHHH or attack A CONVOY of prisonners with a big truck u cant destroy for saving the civilian you need make a more stealthy approach a dont use aoe missiles or big artillery :smiley:
  • a enemy sergent lead the low level pilot in obligation to fight for him if u have the chance to kill him before the others, the others ennemies surrender because you have a special perks or because you dont kill pilot and save a lot you are human and save all of the people. or imagine if you have one of our pilots who are a pilot killer they go away from the battlefield but you can continue to destroy during the retreat for taking more scrap and ressources… or if you are A BIG KILLER PILOT they simply eject all ahah it will be a cool feature :D. Low level with bad tank and mech are sometimes a lot. hard fight when you are a oaf with big armour but really fun to destroy a lot of enemies :D. EASY TO AVOID ON THE BIG MAP because they are no experimented and slow
  • elite enemy pilot who capture reveal after a time a great place with great loot or a great ambush ahah “depend if you have a lot of pilot killer in your base and you have no pity with civilians and other afraiiiddddd”
  • elite enemy pilot who have a great skill and sometime the predict system is false and the elite take other choice because an allied destroy or just because is a high reflex pilot who takes good decision


  • chopter and drone you mention in your stream BOSS WITH BIG ARMOUR OH YEAH i imagine a boss a kind of big big armour behemoth with big canon 4 mg in fist multiple missile launcher in the back who see in full metal panic i think full metal panic has inspired a lot your game :smiley:
    -tank artillery say in your stream too

big map

-sometimes when you attack big city heavily trenched you must make differents game and retreat first deployed 4 mech for recon and test the enemies defences or destroy some snipeur on the edge of the map and retreat

  • second attack with big mech to capture the place but it have a cost in ressources and pilots very tired and the enemies dont stand to do nothing he call reinforcement and you have a time before the first and the second attack and you have risk to face multiple patrol and reinforcement


-ia sniper enemies who really try to snipe and do go in close range…

  • some tanks who move against 4 heavy mech in face… ok for the civilian obligation to fight but regular army or elite tank battalion it stay at good range and shoot and just move when they are too much hit or if mechas come for close combat :smiley: i know the ia is one of the hardest thing to programs in games most of AAA games dont have your quality ia ^^
  • skin for weapon for example sniper
    -shoulders weapons like missiles or rocket launcher or heavy gatling but need a realcost to use and need a experienced pilot and a lot of upgrade armour for stabilizing. u can have the best and powerful wepons in the game it will useless if you dont have the good mech and the good pilot for using him

-can use close combat if we are intact a good kick in a mech before a good shoot of shotgun is always cool

  • special dash system who can permit to drop from the sky during (system of mech in reserve who come in the second three of four turn not on the map at the beginning) the battle to go to kill the enemy snipers for example or kill a sergent who lead civilian troop :smiley:
    -smoke launchers
  • elite bad ass armour very hard to acquire and give fear to face off a legendary captain in the story


  • Add New Game+ mode
  • Publish new Mechs types via DLCs

Or not a new game+ but a system events of high elite enemies troop with new technologies mech and weapons who retake part of the map

AND WHY NOT counter attack the homeland of the enemy in dlc season pass :smiley:


I would love to have some kind of taunt or poses that you can ad in the timeline when you feel confident or just want to act mad, it wouldn’t give you any bonus, you would be vulnerable during this time but it would just be so stylish.

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Love the idea of Elite or Legendary armour. Would love to see some big legged mecha. Maybe, possibly a DLC of new Mecha. Maybe an electric or ‘lightsaber’ like sword, or laser rifles.
I am still keen on the idea of targeting missiles, so that you can shoot them down.

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On board with Elite and Legendary armor and always more mech parts and weapons. Stealth would be interesting but I have always like glimmer Stealth aka some type of visual way to still see the unit, like in Heroes of the Storm. (Aka I hate perfect Stealth, were the only way to find them is basically dumb luck or just attacking everywhere). Hopefully with the upcoming updates we get some larger maps still. Sniper rifles can feel unless at times but the map preview has already helped with that. Taunts and poses will be fun, Particularity for showing off in videos and streams! (Got to keep those viewers happy hahahah)


It would be great to add the ability to ejecting the pilot and change to another (free) mech in battlefield (as it was in “Front Mission 3”). Or leave out of the battle, while another mech can help in the evacuation.
Probably it is difficult to realize pilots (people) on the battlefield. Even FM 4-5 has given up on it after FM3.

I intend to buy the game soon, I don’t know if you already have this feature in the game, but I wanted to give you a suggestion for unity. You could add a medical / hacker unit, that is, that unit could send drones both to heal allies and also use your drone to hack enemies and take control of them for a certain time. Unit inspired by the X-com 2.

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There’s little meaningful actions you can take as a pilot. I thought it just might work in PB since Pilots are a precious resource you need to keep alive, unlike in FM they can’t die permanently.