Impa's achievement is unfair with the way the game works

I have been trying for hours to get this achievement by playing it safe and holding R so I can’t possibly do a regular attack but since I can’t turn when I’m holding it I have to let go sometimes which is when the game takes the chance to unfairly make me fail the achievement. The biggest problem is wizzrobes, I try to kill some other enemies but I need to make some space so I back away a few steps and as I’m about to turn around the wizzrobe appears in my way but because I’m on fixed beat mode so I can be extra careful the wizzrobe is still in its appearing animation so I can’t even see it and I end up poking it.

There are 2 lesser problem I have with this achievement, the first one is that picking up items makes you put the spear down, this is much less of a problem because it’s something I can eventually get used to but it’s still frustrating to deal with. The second one is 1 beat movement enemies because if you have the spear down they’ll be following right behind you where you can’t hit them and if you have it up and try to loop around them they’ll just stick to your sides because the spear is in the way so the only way to deal with them is to get hit so you teleport behind them.

Sorry for this post being quite ranty but I’m just really sick of this achievement and I hope something can be changed about it.

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