Implementation of ultrawide / super- ultrawide is wrong (VERT- instead of HOR+)

I bought this game as people said it would supprort ultrawide, but the ultrawide is implemented wrong and cuts of parts of the screen instead of adding more screen estate (gets unplayable at 32:9 or wider)

​I was already worried when I saw the UE4 logo when entering game, as 80% of the companies implement Ultrawide wrongfully. They implement it with Vert- instead Hor+. The UE4 engine supports Hor+ natively and it is just a minor change for the devs that can be done in minutes (like other indie devs did within 2 days after the communities telling them);

What does Vert- implementation mean? It means that the wider the monitor, the more vertical screen estate you lose. Correct Ultrawide ADDS screen estate horizontally compared to 16:9, meaning ultrawide users will see more of the game left and right.
With Vert- the game keeps the horizontal ratio of 16:9 but to make it fit, it cuts of 1/3 of the screen estate in total on top and bottom. For super-ultrawide users the game will become unplayable, as the game cuts of more than **HALF **of the screen.

Well, you might say I could play in 2560 x 1440, but that just stretches my game. So the only way to play it normally would be 2560x1440 in windowed screen, causing trouble with G-sync.

For those that do not understand what I am saying, thinking they get a proper 21:9, I will show you the difference in pictures: (for best comparison open attachments in 2 tabs next to each other and switch between them, to see how much view you lose at same max zoom. Gets worse at 32:9 as they would not even see the red markers)

Here is 3440x1440 (Ultrawide 21:9)
See the red markers? Keep special attention to the building marked on the bottom. You can see its top corner.

Now I switch to 16:9, which stretches my picture as the ratio keeps the same horizontally. See how much more of the building I can now see on bottom? And how much more FOW on top? That is the area that has been cut off. At 32:9 you would not even be able to see the arrows I put on there.

As you can see: instead of getting extra vision on 21:9 you get less as the game just cuts off top and bottom of the screen. Still playable at 21:9 but unplayable at 32:9 or wider.

This is a well known thing with many games coded on UE4. Pls devs, just change it to Hor+, it is only a few simple settings and can be done in minutes as the engine fully supports it. Feel free to ask Epic how, if you do not know. Thanks.​

I might consider refunding if this does not get acknowledged for fixing as it would simply put me at a disadvantage that would not have to be.

Hi @Blowfeld, thanks for reporting this and for the extensive write up - I’ve brought this to the team’s attention and we’ll see what we can get done to solve. Appreciated, have a good weekend!

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I am quite impressed about the quick response. Thank you very much for bringing it to the team’s attention.

You have a nice weekend! Stay healthy!


Not trying to bump an old thread, just thought a couple pictures would help show the cropping at 21:9 (and above). 16:9 on top, with the cropped 21:9 below due to Vert- scaling.

Sad to post this, but other indie devs fixed vert- on UE4 within 48 hours, you guys don’t fix it within 48 days just shows me how “important” some of our feedback is.

It is litterally a thing of minutes.

Hi @Blowfeld - we’ve done some investigation into the issue and it’s actually more complicated to solve than anticipated due to the way our camera is set up. We force an isometric view as a stylistic choice. When we make the change you’re requesting, the camera actually changes to a perspective view and causes other visual issues. We’re researching how to solve the issue, but currently it’s fallen to the wayside as we work to improve the stability of the game and add the features we’ve committed to adding. We’ve also upgraded our engine to 4.25 in the last week or so, so it may be that we are able to find a solution faster/easier in the new version; just haven’t had a chance to figure it out given the rest of our task list.

Sorry for the lack of transparency on this issue - our team is very small (3 fulltime programmers, with the other 6 members on the team splitting their time between projects) and unfortunately this thread slipped through the cracks and I forgot to post a reply. Thanks for bumping it and reminding me!
Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Alexa,

I appreciate the answer. Whenever somebody gives you a comprehensive answer to a perceived issue, it sets things in the right perspective.

Thanks for explaining the situation and why it takes longer than anticipated.

If the implementation of true ultrawide support proves to be difficult, would it be possible as an alternative to zoom out further? That way ultrawide users could kinda get the full experience while 16:9 users…well… observe stuff from outer space :rofl:

On a serious note: Thanks for coming back to me and good luck with the continous programming! The game has a rad soundtrack, btw.



I’ll definitely continue to bring it up to the team! I am hearing now that we seem to have a solution partially in the works, just a matter of when we can actually implement it. Thanks again for your patience!


@Blowfeld - hey, good news! We’ve implemented the feature you requested as an option in the Graphics settings :slight_smile: Look out for the update tomorrow (July 7th!) Thanks for bringing it to our attention in the first place!


Good stuff, i don’t UW myself but nice to see you guys support these features :heart:

Hi Alexa,

I just went ingame to test it and was so disappointed, when the screen was still cut off. Then I read your text again, about a “feature”, so I went back ingame and quite down the road I found the “widescreen support” tag, which I was able to toggle on now.

This must be the weirdest solution I had seen in a while on UE4, but damn, the result is fantastic. I feel I can zoom out to space now.

Loving it!

Thanks so much!!!

Zooming out with everything maxed is quite tasking on my setting, but it is definetly worth it and still running above 70 fps in first tests. Amazing

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Yeah @Blowfeld it’s a bit unorthodox but because of the way our camera is locked down otherwise it was the easiest way to implement! Thanks for giving it a shot and really glad to hear it’s working out for you!