In Game issues

Not sure if this is a bug or not, so asking to see if others have the same issue.

When using a melee mech, the game requires you to attack an enemy at the position that they will be at when the melee attack is launched. This makes some sense. However this makes no sense when the enemy is not at that location, in spite of the Forecast!

Even worse when an enemy “Rubber bands” across the battlefield through 2 buildings and ends up behind my melee mech.

It is making melee impractical.

@Juliejayne we’re definitely aware of some of the difficulties/frustrations of the current melee implementation. We are actually in the process of making melee a bit easier to use (not sure if you’re playing on experimental or not, but some of the changes are already there!) so please stay tuned as we continue to work on making it more fun and usable! Your feedback is really useful :smiley:

Yes playing on the experimental.

But also annoying when my swordsman had removed the enemies lower half, they could still “limp” faster than I could run. And when taking a sword to a prone enemy… ZERO damage!