Inaccurate prediction after sword attack

Hey yall, new to the game, picked it up cause Industries of Titan is just such a well-crafted thing. Anyway.

I had this weird prediction show up for one of my units after a sword dash. In the first screen you can see the white line from bottom left to top for the selected unit with sword and shield. However, the white line is actually the movement from the turn that was just executed, wherein I did a sword dash from top to bottom left. If I hovered my mouse over the prediction bar, it showed the unit standing still for a couple of seconds then teleporting to the top part. You can see the white outline in the prediction where it thinks it’s going to be.

Before execution:


I gave it no orders just to see what would happen, and it executed correctly as you can see here:


Hi @Multitudes thanks for checking out both our games, that’s awesome :smiley:

I see your unit has crashed during that movement (unless that’s a different unit selected?) We’re aware of an issue where units that crash will continue onwards to their next planned location (by sliding across the map) if they were pushed away by another unit running into them - this can also cause units to fly through the air if crashed into twice!

Yeah, it’s the selected unit so that’s probably it.