Inactive workers

Hello there !

Build : 2020-05-13-1310-p15627–s

Seed : 1448720935

Type of bug : Gameplay

Blocking progression : No but progression slowed

Resolution attempts :

  • Save and reload
  • Adding and removing some permanent jobs
    Nothing seems to work

Description : I got a bug on workers : Some are just standing there doing nothing while there is work to do. It looks like they are “stacking” themselves on point in a factory (Neer the Storage containers on the screenshot)

Screenshot :

Thanks very much for posting - we are currently working on the issue and hope to find some kind of solution by June 2nd. If you like, you may find the issue slightly easier to deal with by starting a new game on the Experimental branch in version

i had this same issue, i found it to be linked to waste. if you have population centers (housing) thats over flowing with waste all the workers will stop. seems that when waste piles up in these buildings they shut down all colonist actions including the workers. i fixed it by building a few more waste recepticles in a building and then putting “clear waste” at the top of my worker list. they soon started up again. no problems with this since, just have the 8 hour game crash glitch now.

Hi @Nemz316, welcome to the forums! Do you have any more details on this crash you’re getting? Is this in the latest version?