Industries of Titan Ultrawide 21:9 support

Just a quick post for those with Ultrawide monitors, the game works out the box 21:9 @ 3440*1440 ?

Came here to check on ultra-wide support, leaving with a happy face and the game in early access ?

Thanks for sharing!

Phew! I am glad it works for you. Every set up is unique, so I was worried it wasn’t working.

That is amaze-za-zing! Great to know! Thanks for sharing!

EDIT: The team responded immediately to this issue on the bugs forum, so let’s hope for the best. Quite impressed how fast they answered.

I was lead to buy the game under the assumption that Ultrawide works correctly in this game.

This is only partially correct.

Let me explain: Does it work technically? Yes. Does it work correctly? No.

I was already worried when I saw the UE4 logo when entering game, as 80% of the companies implement Ultrawide wrongfully. They implement it with Vert- instead Hor+. The UE4 engine supports Hor+ natively and it is just a minor change for the devs that can be done in minutes (like other indie devs did within 2 days after the communities telling them);

What does Vert- implementation mean? It means that the wider the monitor, the more vertical screen estate you lose. Correct Ultrawide ADDS screen estate horizontally compared to 16:9, meaning ultrawide users will see more of the game left and right.
With Vert- the game keeps the horizontal ratio of 16:9 but to make it fit, it cuts of 1/3 of the screen estate in total on top and bottom. For super-ultrawide users the game will become unplayable, as the game cuts of more than HALF of the screen.

Well, you might say I could play in 2560 x 1440, but that just stretches my game. So the only way to play it normally would be 2560x1440 in windowed screen, causing trouble with G-sync.

For those that do not understand what I am saying, thinking they get a proper 21:9, I will show you the difference in pictures: (FOR BETTER EFFECT; TAB ON THE ATTACHMENTS, PUT THEM NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND SWITCH TABS)

Here is 3440x1440 (Ultrawide 21:9)
See the red markers? Keep special attention to the building marked on the bottom. You can see its top corner.

Now I switch to 16:9, which stretches my picture as the ratio keeps the same horizontally. See how much more of the building I can now see on bottom? And how much more FOW on top? That is the area that has been cut off. At 32:9 you would not even be able to see the arrows I put on there.

I will put this in the bugs forums, as instead of getting extra vision on 21:9 you get less as the game just cuts off top and bottom of the screen. Still playable at 21:9 but unplayable at 32:9 or wider.

Pls devs, just change it to Hor+, it is only a few simple settings and can be done in minutes as the engine fully supports it. Thanks.

Seeing as how you can freely zoom in and out in this game, does hor+ vs ver- make that much of a difference? Not trying to be combative, just curious.

I guess at the close and far extremes you would see the differences but in normal gameplay it ends up being pretty similar…

In TPS or FPS games it does make a huge difference though…

In any case, might as well change it to be correct since there’s not much effort in doing it and there’s some benefit for people using ultrawide screens. =)

Well, it is nothing MAJOR in this game, yet I like the ability to zoom out more to have a good overview. Being cut off 1/3 of my total screen estate gives me the feeling of constantly being closer to the action than I would like.
Feels bad having the tools to see more and instead you see less :wink:

Hoping they fix it one day. Was reported over a month ago, still no change to this.

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