Infinite Isotopes

Pretty early in a game, I noticed my Isotopes were stacking up much higher than expected.


I noticed I had this level 3 mine running. It had 10 iso and 20 minerals in the storage. The cars that ran to the mine left with 6 isotopes each but the inventory in the mine never decreased. They just kept picking up more and more isotopes. In the picture you can even see a filled car just leaving.

Reloading seems to have fixed it.

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Hey @Multitudes thanks for posting! I’ve seen other people with this specific bug… do you know by chance what was going on before you noticed the issue? Did your mine fill up, did you swap resource patches, did you upgrade your mine and then the issue occurred… we’ve been having a lot of difficulty reproducing on our end, so if you have any extra information I’d love to hear it :smiley:

Unfortunately the answer is “yes” to those questions. I also changed priorities, my isotope priority was above everything else.

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Hmm, i’ll continue to try and figure out what happened on my end… It’s good that it clears up after a reload, but it also makes it hard to solve the problem haha!

In 0.66 I now have an isotope mine that seems to mysteriously produce 15 isotopes straight into storage every 30 seconds or so. Reproducable even after reloading.

And fortunately for you, the mine has never been connected to anything except a permanent isotope thingy. I did upgrade it twice while connected to it. It did lose power at one point by lack of energy, and I also turned it on and off several times. (367.9 KB)

Also see Unable to properly store isotopes in storage facility