Instantly dying when bombing the ice with death shrine active

I could be wrong but I don’t feel like bombing the ice should kill the player. Hopefully this isn’t intentional.

Also noting that this has been around since at least v1.1 (link contains two more examples).

A much more frustrating variant - it looks like this instant death bug happens with any source of damage that isn’t a standard attack. With Death Shrine active, if Ganon uses his scythe attack on a frozen character, the player instantly and unavoidably dies.

New variant: This “instant near-unavoidable death” behavior can also happen with Moblin spears.

  • Unfrozen character stands in front of their statue
  • Moblin aims at them
  • Ganon phase transition happens
  • Character gets frozen in place without moving
  • There is now an in-flight spear targeting an immobile frozen character
  • When the spear hits, the player immediately dies, just like the other instances of Ganon + Death Shrine + frozen character + certain types of damage.