Invisible Mechs With UNLIMTED HEALTH!

Build Number: 1652E
Type of Bug: Visual + Freeze (Just Mechs are frozen as well as having unlimited health)
Blocking Progression?: Yes
Result of Save/Load?: Unsure
Short Description: 4 enemy mechs with Sidearm ML’s are invisible and only the gun shows.

Reproduction steps: I loaded up my save and fought a patrol there 1 Mech, 1 Cannon Tank, & 1 Elevated Tank. After I drafted the last mech, reinforcements came which was 4 Elevated Tanks level 1 as well as 4 invisible mehcs. They were level 1 too, but the mech was invisible so all I could see is the gun itself and that’s all. I destroyed the 4 Elevated Tanks and sent a mech over to try and destroy the 4 invisible mechs but they did not budge or take damage, they had UNLIMTED HEALTH. That’s all.