Is there a Game Manual or PDF File?

Looking for some form of Game manual. The Wiki is not up to snuff. Just some basic, relatively simple answers really.
Examples: How many Resources does a Truck hold?

How does the Mine Resource pickup slider actually work? If I set it to 3(or 30) does that mean it requires 3 (or 30) idle workers before they will pickup resources from the Mine? Forced to set it to 1 now without a proper understanding of why it exists in the first place.
Etc., Etc, Etc…
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Trucks hold 10 units of resources. Mine pickup slider works like this: your workers will wait till there is atleast the amount set by slider before picking up the resources from mine. When you are not using trucks then leave it at 1 but when you are using trucks set it to value you desire. I usually set it to max.

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Hi @MaddMaxx - we actually have a BYG hosted wiki for Titan but it’s not filled out yet at all.
We’re hoping to work on better tutorializing the game so that questions like this are easy to answer. For now, our patch notes always contain information about changes to balance and numbers, so you can backread those if you’d like.

Otherwise, @Nishczyciel has the correct answers in their reply here :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you both. I look forward to a more fleshed out Wiki. :wink: