Isotope collection blocks command centre build and vice versa, blocking all progress

Build Number / Patch Number: 2020-05-05-0923-p15467–s

Seed Number: 1447290207(tbh there is nothing below my build number on the main menu and I have no idea how to get this seed number - I have copied it in from another bug report here that has the same build number… Happy to check if someone needs this and can advise me on how to find it ?)

Type of Bug: Gameplay

Blocking Progression: Yes

Result of Save/Load: No

Short description:

My isotope patch is too far from my HQ to farm, so I need to build a command centre. But I can’t build my command centre until I farm some isotopes.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Enable tutorials.

  • Choose the normal map in Zen mode.

  • Work through the tutorial until you’re asked to build a factory.

  • You’ll need to collect isotopes to build the factory.

  • Try to collect isotopes. You’ll need to claim the patch, but you can’t because it’s outside your command area (see screenshot 1).

  • Try to build a command centre. You’ll need to collect isotopes to build it (see screenshot 2).

  • You can’t progress in the game now unless you luck into some isotopes.



Hi there @runjnee - thankfully, the ruins surrounding your HQ should have at least one isotope in them! Were you able to find some? Our RNG is such that all ruins in the starting area contain enough resources to reliably finish the tutorial.

For future reference, the seed number is ingame - at the bottom righthand corner of the screen.