It feels like there's a memory leak

Hey folk,

So I noticed that after any extended period of time (3+ hours), my game invariably crashes; which wouldnt be too much of an issue, its early access after all, but I notice that all my other programs freeze as well. Programs like Spotify and Discord will stop responding and certain tabs in my Chrome browser, such as a tab I keep open for Gmail, will even give an “Out of memory” error and just display a blank page.

This is the only game that’s causing this issue for me, so I cant quite imagine its an issue on my end.

Attached a link to the logs and my save file on my Google Drive, let me know if the link doesnt work:

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Hi @Cleverbird welcome to the forums and thank you very much for posting these here! I was wondering if you could also provide us with your machine’s specs?

Hey Bahar, I could send you my DXDiag log over Discord, if you want. Probably best for me not to send that publicly on a forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, my system is as follows:
Intel i7-9700k @ 3.6ghz
16Gb of RAM
Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070
Windows 10 64bit

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Sure, feel free to DM me here or on discord, or send me an email at :slight_smile: