Known Issues


(last updated 01/11/2021 for 0.8.1)

  • Storage issues do exist - they are generally the cause of idle Employee bugs. Please continue to report them!
  • Issues with smokestack, mine and resource patches are bound to crop up, please let us know if you run into them!
  • Audio muting is not reset when leaving the shipyard from the hull selection menu
  • Renaming a building while it’s changing state (upgrading, dismantling etc) will cause it to have no name until entered
  • Generator will appear powered on when it shouldn’t if the shipyard is exited and re-entered
  • Trucks can become permanently reserved in certain instances, and disappear when the Transport Hub is upgraded if they are wrongly reserved
  • Building a conversion capsule with no valid entrances can cause the new Employee being converted to accidentally reserve a truck when they shouldn’t have
  • Game performance declines as cities get larger
  • Claiming tiles with a shipyard multiplies the claim SFX, making it louder
  • Targeting reticule stays behind when an enemy ship is destroyed
  • Transportation overlay sometimes glitches out and does not display trucks properly
  • Rebel barks interrupt Tutorial dialog
  • OBS gets broken by the drag and drop widget used by Job Prioritization (see FAQ)
  • Game information is not displayed the first time loading a game
  • Buildings switch their orientation when connected
  • Employees will use resources in a storage facility before they use resources in Factory or HQ
  • Game over is not triggered if all valid storage is lost without the HQ being destroyed
  • Tooltips change positions when quickly hovering over certain elements
  • Highlighted floor defaults to Lv1 when loading into a game on Lv2 or 3 of a building
  • Enemy ship health bar is not immediately hidden when killed
  • Employees can move diagonally across tiles
  • Employees occasionally do not use bridges correctly

still issue with transferring resource truck keep getting stuck not burning up the garbage and also each time i try to turn on the power plant game crashes down

Mines stopped mining patches or unlimited mineral deposits after latest stable branch update. They show up as running but they don’t extract anything anymore (all conditions are met as I can see the running animation on the mines - power, employees etc).
This is happening on both mines I currently have - one level 2, the other level 3.

Hi folks, please don’t post in this thread! We would prefer you make your own threads thank you. I’m locking this post now to prevent in the future. Thanks!