Known Issues


(last updated 8/4/2020 for 0.3.0)

  • It’s easy to cause a storage discrepancy if construction jobs are paused and resumed multiple times
  • Trucks can be incorrectly reserved by shipyard activities
  • If a relay is connected to an outlet via another relay, it will incorrectly display as ‘powered on’ (false positive) even if no energy exists. This can also occur with Energy Pylons
  • Transportation overlay sometimes glitches out and does not display trucks properly
  • If a ship is ready to launch and the game is saved and loaded, entering second shipyard will display the ship in the other shipyard
  • Rebel barks interrupt Tutorial dialog
  • Final step of the tutorial does not fully dismiss (but can be hidden)
  • Workers can sometimes get stuck running in place
  • Entering a building doubles the consumption of fuel for a frame, meaning some things will go offline if there isn’t a huge surplus of fuel in the city
  • Employees will not take trucks to clean up waste from a Shipyard construction site
  • Placing a device can cause the construction site to become opaque temporarily
  • Flags on dismantle jobs do not go away if cancelled while paused
  • OBS gets broken by the drag and drop widget used by Job Prioritization (see FAQ)
  • Game information is not displayed the first time loading a game
  • Mines are not emptied occasionally, or not emptied completely
  • Memory leaks and crashes still occur (research currently ongoing)
  • Upgrading power buildings can break grid connections
  • Fuel efficiency is not calculated accurately
  • Energy relay radius is occasionally not displayed properly
  • Buildings switch their orientation when connected
  • Mining tube is not centered on Connected Mine
  • Saves deleted in-game are still visible in the load menu
  • All warning flags and icons are not immediately hidden when quitting to main menu or going between City and Building view
  • Set Target button is darkened when selecting
  • Fuel and Energy storage are occasionally not used by existing grids
  • Employees will use resources in a storage facility before they use resources in Factory or HQ
  • Tooltips change positions when quickly hovering over certain elements
  • Highlighted floor defaults to Lv1 when loading into a game on Lv2 or 3 of a building
  • Pause vignette tweens in when entering a building
  • Small slowdown if a device completes construction while selected
  • Enemy ship health bar is not immediately hidden when killed
  • Employees get stuck in the elevator when a construction is cancelled
  • Tile selection UI is not displayed on load
  • Employees can move diagonally across tiles
  • Employees occasionally do not use bridges correctly
  • Player can sometimes claim tiles without having influence deducted
  • Sound effects are missing when destroying a rock
  • Connecting a conversion center can permanently reserve a slot
  • Not enough fuel, not enough power flags are displayed if a building does not have an Employee assigned
  • Pause icons are not anchored to the middle of device blueprints
  • Credits are not decreased to 0 when repairing

still issue with transferring resource truck keep getting stuck not burning up the garbage and also each time i try to turn on the power plant game crashes down

Mines stopped mining patches or unlimited mineral deposits after latest stable branch update. They show up as running but they don’t extract anything anymore (all conditions are met as I can see the running animation on the mines - power, employees etc).
This is happening on both mines I currently have - one level 2, the other level 3.

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