Land Titles are free to claim

  • Build Number / Patch Number:
    • 0.1.28
  • Seed Number
    • 1451823302
  • Type of Bug
    * Gameplay
    * Bugs that are relating to gameplay that should not be occurring.
  • Blocking Progression?
    • No
  • Result of Save/Load?
    • Unsure, probably not.
  • Short description of what is happening
    • An area can be claimed without costs. Costs are shown but influence doesn’t decrease
      Example: Workers did not pick up resources after salvaging Ruins.
  • Reproduction Steps
    • I have no idea. Was a few commandcenters away and in a relative specific area

Attaching Screenshots of Bugs

Attaching Save Files

EDIT: Seems like it has something to do with the border of the map. I have a controlcenter close to the border and the whole area is free to claim

Whoa this is the first time I’ve encountered this. Very strange! Thank you for the save files!