Latest build observations

So played again after a few updates. The bugs where priority numbers wouldn’t disappear seem to have been fixed. But after 3 different tries I’ve noticed that when I go to do a building one of two things happens.

Either it’s right on the edge where once built I’d have none of a resource left and that seems to stall building whatever I have just enough for. Until more of that resource gets moved, then suddenly now that I’d have 1 or more left they will build. This occurs even sometimes when I have 3 or more sitting in a building.

The other side of that is when you do an upgrade and have plenty of resource, it gets typically all the metal but leaves it with 1 or 2 isotopes to go and then the workers do anything but grab the last needed. Even if you place the building on priority or do the stop / start, they ignore it. At one point I even had 8 workers just sitting around.

Both of these happen regularly and when you are trying to get a turret in place just before an attack and it stalls with 2 iso left for 4 mins doesn’t really help the want to keep playing.

Now I get ships explode and drop debris down but then can we get roads with a bit more hp, or the option to upgrade them? Having to fix roads early game every time a ship shows up gets a bit tedious.

Also noticed trucks at times would just vanish. It said there were in use but I didn’t see them driving around. Do they sit and fill up at times then travel?

Visually I also have a lot of citizens working in their video booths and are shown doing the correct animations but not in the booth, either outside of the walls working or just not there at all. The booth shows as being used and active. Nothing game breaking but something to be aware of to fix down the road.

It does show that the game is being worked on. A bit of polish is still needed and as this is early access I can accept that. Looking forward to what comes next.


Thanks for your detailed write up DarienT! We’re glad our efforts are showing through. These bugs listed here are known issues at least, and on our list to tackle. :smile: