Latest Issues and Suggestions on 0.11.2

Just got updated my game to 11.2 and I will list all of the important issues to the not-so-urgent ones.

ok Let’s start with the:

Game Menu and Settings:

  1. New Game Demo Video: When starting a new game, the most noting part of the introduction is the demo video. It wasn’t fixed at all… doesn’t play normally. if you could compare it in video playback, that if you tried to play a 4k video from a hard drive. the audio is like a jumping CD.

  2. Accessibility Settings: Reduced Flashes and Weather reverts back to the original settings which are Disabled and Enabled respectively. if you reload the game entirely, closing and running it again. it does not save the previous setting and reverts back again. Photo epileptic seizures are a serious condition.

Game Features:

  1. Credit Payout Scenarios: a. During a new game the timer of the payout of employees is in a normal function. b. During a loaded save. the timer which the payout of employees reverts to 24 minutes regardless of the time taken before the loaded saved file. Note: before the game is saved, the Payout is unsuccessful, after the game is loaded. the payout is successful. it can be abused.

  2. Employees Work Stagnation: During some time in the game, for almost 48 hours of In-game time, employees that don’t have Permanent jobs tend to idle even though there are jobs pending like upgrading, dismantling, and/or connecting buildings, etc. I have over 100 employees and it stops working on the tasks given even some of them are Priority tagged.

  3. Employees don’t use trucks: a. to deliver Construction Units (CUs) to the building even though I have roads right next to them. I have a one-time issue that really occurring after the save has been loaded, I tried to reload it a few many times but it still persists. the Fuel needed to work the building (eg. Transport Hub) disappears almost immediately after enabling the building. b. to empty Mines and supply smokestacks.

  4. Resource Refinement and storing capability: a. after some time after the employees stopped working, the processing of T1 to T2 and T2 to T3 resources into valuable Construction Units(CU) to be specific the issues here is the collection/transferring of T2 CUs to Inputs to become T3 CUs.

  5. Cancellations of Connecting buildings: Approximately I’m not sure, a third of the health was missing of cancellation of connection of the two buildings occurring to the mother building rather than to the other one, to which you clicked the connect button.

  6. Collection of Wastes on Building to Smokestacks or Storages. again this occurred somewhat during the halt of employees’ tasks.

  7. “Large Ruin” doesn’t have a description nor use. Cannot be destroyed, extracted, and surveyed, or be claimed.

  8. If you mean Fewer Lakes it meant fewer right?? not like taking a larger land?

  9. Employees “EMOTIONLESS SLAVES” do where exactly spend their hard-earned credits???

  10. Serious Performance drops after the 100 employee mark.

  11. Visual bug that can be removed after reloading the save. Manual Mining of resources.

  12. Priority tagging. reaching the 100 employee mark. tasks that are being tagged as PRIORITIZED start at #2 not on #1 even though the Priority jobs are empty beforehand.

  13. I don’t know if this is a Feature but, just placing a fully upgraded and connected Air Purifier makes Livability rates ridiculously high even though technically beside the Council, Smokestack, and Mines that produces high Pollution. Well, I do think that Clean air makes a place really livable and comfortable.

  14. Can you put the TOTAL FUEL CONSUMPTION OF energy plants and Transport Hubs. I have +25 Fuel production but my Fuel storage is empty and cannot fill up. the consumption of fuels in transport hubs is higher than the energy plants so if you could can you show it on the consumption too? it’s quite misleading.

I will find more issues so stay for more updates.

my rig is still the same:

CPU: i3-6100 3.70GHz
GPU: GTX 750 Ti 2GB
RAM: HyperX Fury DDR4 2x4GB 2133Mhz
SSD: WD Green 120GB

Hi JabbaDaCaveManZ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write up this report, it’s incredibly useful!
We have reproduced a bunch of the bugs you mentioned and are working on fixes for them :+1:

The Reduced Flashes and Weather bug should now be fixed in the Experimental branch, and the others will be coming soon.

Thanks again!