Lets play the game on easy settings ? Or should I say impossible to win settings?

So I started a new game on easy settings.
You can upgrade your hq 400 times. Since it always resets to tier 1 after u use burrow.

Btw when you start the game and upgrade it for the first time to lvl 1 that level has bigger influence than lvl 3… and second upgrade gives you combat floor which u cannot use.

Enemy are attacking in 4 min intervals with 10 ships. And each of those ships destroys a lot of roads. Since the roads are so fragile.
and you have to rebuil each section of the road piece by piece.
There is no rebuild option.
Its impossible to rebuild roads before the next attack - game over.
And thats on easy settings…

Are u serious ?

And I also spent 20 artifact to convert 2 workers to employes.
That was a great exchange. Because after that I spend 50 artifacts and got 0 employes for that.

So After saving and loading:

Again old bugs:

  • most building damaged and downgraded to level 1
  • workers stuck everywhere
  • truck no where to be found (70 trucks all in use)
  • conversion from worker to employe totally bugged like before

So back to all the old bugs that were supposed to be fixed…

Hi @administrator1 thanks for reporting these issues, we’re sorry you’re still experiencing them. Could you tell me what version of the game you’re playing where these issues occurred?

It’s possible these issues could be caused by loading a save made in a previous version of the game. Saves with the :warning: symbol next to them can have issues after loading.

It would also be really useful to us if you could send us one of your save files containing these issues you’ve described. Be sure to include your titan.met file or simply your entire GameData folder.