Let's talk about Convoys

So first of all loving the game and how its progressing. Have been since the start of early access. I know tons is being added and refined but I haven’t seen this issue mentioned much.

Convoys need some serious love. I dont mind the odd bit of tank spam but man these missions are insane. I just spawned into one with 10 tanks and a mech all within firing range. Two issues spring to mind.

  1. Not being able to tactical deploy means you are often at sub optimal or near suicidal range. Nothing feels worse than your sniper spawning in right in someone’s face. I hope choosing deployment is an option that gets added to all missions.

  2. Since tanks now have missiles (among other weapons) these mission with 6 + tanks are over tuned.

  3. If this is intended the reward needs to be MUCH bigger. There is currently zero reason to tackle these except testing your builds.

Just some feedback though still loving the game !


Yeah, convoys are the only hard missions. No cover plus lots of tank which are quite strong after some changes.


I think the difficulty of these fights are fine(since they are kind of optional) and it is nice to have optional challenges, but as you said, the rewards kind of need to match.
However, the issue is that most rewards are based on enemy loot. Meaning you will be fighting against the “good reward” weapon and parts.
Of course, the “better reward” could simply be whatever they were escorting, rather than what they were equipped with.

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Yeah I was thinking you get rare parts or weapons as part of the convoy, I’d more inclined to attack them if that were the case. I just avoid them atm, having 10+ tanks fire their cannons and missiles on turn 1 when you brought 2 snipers who spawned next to them is just not enjoyable, or fun.

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