Let's Try Industries of Titan, continuous game during EA

This is my first Let’s Try Industries of Titan episode of a new kind of a Let’s play because this is an Early Access game so I will post episodes continually as the game is developed but since some saves will become unplayable because they where started on an older version I will play the newest version in every video but I will not show anything that I have already covered in previous episodes. So I will rebuild up to the last episode using the newest version of the game.

This is my fourth Let’s Try Industries of Titan episode, and it shows a lot of progress that the developers have made with the game. Roads and transportation has been added. Employ jobs and work orders have been expanded on so now you can have more manual control over what job is done first. Markers have been added to ruins making it easy to see what resources they hold. And, it is now possible to build on plots which have resource boxes on them instead of having to bring them there first.

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