Localization Guide for Fan Translators

Thanks to our programmer Ben for writing up this lovely guide about how to use his fancy new text system!

For players using translations

Previously players had to download GameStringTable.txt, some XML files and overwrite the original files in their Titan directory. This could cause bugs when the game updated, or the localized files could be overwritten.

With the new system, each localization has its own file, so there will be no need to overwrite default files. All game strings are in the single text file, so there’s no need to overwrite XML files.

Here’s the new process to download a player-made localization:

  1. Download the localization file you want to use from the forum.
  2. Move the loc_xx.txt file to Titan/Content/TextData/Localization/, where “xx” is the short code for the language. For example a French localization file would be loc_fr.txt. You can put it in a subfolder if you want.
  3. Run the game.
  4. Go to the Gameplay settings and choose your installed language from the new Language drop-down menu.
  5. Restart the game, and you should be good to go!

When the game is updated and new text is added to the game, you will see English text until you download an updated version of the localization file.

For translators making translations

I have been so happy to see fan translations posted in the forums, thank you so much for all your contributions, it’s wonderful to see the game playable in so many languages already. I wanted to make sure the new system was easy for you to use.

Some key info to know about the new system:

  • All player-facing text has been removed from XML files and consolidated into the CSV file, previously-named GameStringTable.txt.
  • The source English file previously at Titan/Content/TextData/GameStringTable.txt is now Titan/Content/TextData/Localization/loc_en.txt.

Updating an existing localization to the new system

  1. Take your existing localization of GameStringTable.txt and copy it to loc_xx.txt where “xx” is the ISO language code of your translation. For example “loc_zh-cn.txt” for Chinese. See an example list here.
  2. Put this file inside Titan/Content/TextData/Localization/, or a directory below it. For example Titan/Content/TitanData/Localization/BensLocalizations/
  3. Make a backup of your localization file somewhere.
  4. Launch Industries of Titan. It will update your file, adding any missing keys and marking any English text that has been updated.
  5. Look at the

Minor about the new system:

  • Your localization file can be in any subdirectory within the Titan/Content/TextData/Localization directory. Players can use this to keep multiple versions of the same localization.
  • You can fill out the key “_LocMeta_Author” with your name for it to show up in the settings menu if there are multiple localizations for the same language.

How to maintain your localization

As Industries of Titan evolves, we will add new text to the game, modify the original English text or remove a text entry completely.

The Industries of Titan exe checks every localization file in the Localization directory and adds text to a new “Status” column to show any changes made.

When a line is added to the English translation

  • The game checks all files in the Localization directory when it is run.
  • If it finds strings that are missing, it adds them to the with the “translation” as English until it is replaced, and the comment is the English original translation.
  • Lines that have been added are marked with “New” in the status column
  • For example, if we create a new Plasma device, when the game is run, the loc_zh-cn.txt file will have the following new line:


  • Please keep the English column unchanged, it is used to mark when source English has been changed (see the next point).

If the English string was updated

  • If we have updated the English text, but kept the key the same, the system marks lines that have the old English with the “Modified” keyword
  • Using the example above, imagine that we change the Medium Battery from “Battery M” to “Medium Battery”. After running the game, the following line will be in the text:
  • Notice that the English column now has the new source English of “Battery Medium”

Device_MEDIUM BATTERY_Name,中型电池,Medium Battery,Modified

If the English string was removed

  • In the case that we remove a line from the localization table, we will not remove it from the localized files. Instead we give it the “Deprecated” status

Device_MEDIUM BATTERY_Name,中型电池,Battery Medium,Deprecated

  • If we remove English text, it is kept for reference for translators, but they are free to delete lines that are marked Deprecated.

How to create a new localization from scratch

  • If a translator creates an empty file in the Titan/Content/TextData/Localization directory, it will be filled with the keys and English source strings. e.g. a player creates loc_pirate.txt, it would look like this:

HelloWorld,“Hello world!”,“Hello world!”,

  • The translator can then replace the SourceString column contents with the localized version, keeping the Comment column as the original English:

HelloWorld,“Arr, avast there, world!”,“Hello world!”,