Low fps

Very low fps in battles(20-25), although the system requirements are higher than the minimum.Maybe there are some fix for this problem cuz its quite annoying.
My PC spec
GTX 1060 3gb
8gb RAM

I have had this problem but it is because there were lots of rocket fire and like 3 ultra heavies as well as like 5 tanks and 5 auto-cannon tanks and 5 other types of mechs. So in total, there was 18 total. NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN THOUGH.

i have 25 fps wholetime no matter how much mechs/tanks or rockets on the field.everything supposed to be fine but its not.its really disappoints me.

Thanks for reporting, @illum74, and welcome to the forums.

We’re continuing to work on optimization for Phantom Brigade. In the meantime, have you submitted anything through the in game bug reporter? You can access it by pressing Shift+Tab in game. If you send us a report with your save file attached when you’re faced with an fps drop again, we’ll be able to take a better look at what might be causing the problem.

Yeah, most of the time I get 50 FPS but that’s because I’m recording with OBS. When I am not recording I am getting about 60 FPS.