Make all standalone buildings templated factories

So I’m loving IoT, and I feel the main draw of the game above other RTS city builders is that you can go inside the factories and tinker with them. It’s a great mechanic and selling point, and really feels like you have a lot more choice and agency than most other games of it’s type.

I feel that the standalone buildings sort of defeat the whole purpose of this - it seems more effective to just throw down a fuel generator than doing it manually. More than that, it sort of dilutes main mechanic, and turns it into just a standard city builder.

I’d suggest that instead of having standalone buildings that these are instead set template factories (with the exception of mines/roads/pylons). These would already have all the devices pre-placed, but would allow tinkering. Maybe you’ve got an office near the edge of the city so want to put turrets on it etc. These templated factories might have bonuses (cheaper batteries in an energy depot for instance) so there would be a point to building them, but they could be customised.

At the moment in EA there isn’t a great deal to tinker with, but I imagine as we go forward we’ll get things like upgradable devices and more device options which would make it worth going in and tinkering. I imagine that it’d be easier to address it now rather than further down the line however.

Thoughts and feelings?

I think I good way to preserve the careful micro-design mechanic with the scale needed to clear the board would be to make micro-designed buildings wholesale copyable. That way, if I design a building carefully I need not do so over and over and over, but if another player chooses to forego micro and burn real estate/efficiency ratios to save time with less efficient stand-alone buildings, he retains that choice, but I am not punished with tediousness by having to redesign a building each time I build it.