Mech editing screen

This is probably the bit of the game I am not so struck on. Having to mouse on and off parts to examine what the effects of a change would be is a bit of a pain. This is subjective, but my preference would be if you click on an equipped part the info block for that part stays on the screen. Then clicking on a part in inventory also puts it’s info block on the screen so you can compare the two. Keeping the little red and blue indicators is useful to see what changes. But the ability to compare the equipment data would be great for those of use who always tweak things to the enth degree in games like this :slight_smile:

And as someone else suggested, removing subsystems from a part when removing it would be great.

And in case I haven’t mentioned it, this game is awesome. Same with Industries of Titan btw.


+1 for all of this. I have to install a component to see changes like speed, power and integrity. As @Andyh1909 mentioned, this should happen in real time when hovering over a compared item.

The back-of-the-truck thing is kinda goofy too. Just a suggestion, if we have to stick with this truck moving thing, move mechs to the sides of the truck facing outward in their own bays.

Almost forgot, those Updates that appear to the right of the screen after looting a base, pls let me close the modal. Only a few things more frustrating than quickly reading a list before it disappears.

Sorry, last thing - the game right now, even with little content, is a HELLA LOTTA fun. My sniper just one shotted a right arm, just too bad playback isn’t a thing right now, cuz that would have been super fun to watch over and over.

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I agree it could be better. I think the developers did make a way to tell. Notice when you highlight a new part you get these red and blue sections. IF, I read them correctly thats the difference between the two body parts.
Sonmetimes the change is too minimal to tell. And I still dont know how much the integrity will change without actually equiping

Yes that helps. But very little, I’m still taking my eyes off something to concentrate on something else. Ever see a good ecommerce website? You click compare on three things then see them side by side.

Or look at Dual Gear, also a mech game and the UI is a bit too colorful for my taste, but at least you’re seeing everything you need. I really like their weapon screens - come on devs, let me drool over the cool part models already!

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What’s weird is sometimes the integrity of the new part is higher but in the bar below it shows it being a red bar? I’m guessing cause of the subsytems but still a little weird.

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I noticed that too. Which is why I went with the Helge. The Tsubasa is great. Fast. Good barrier. thats also its downfall for me. If it gets caught in heavy fire and the barrier drops, kiss that man goodbye.

Seems the new update have fixed most of that for me. Things seem to be reading more accurately now.

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