Memory Leak, Game Locks up

Build Number / Patch Number: 2020-06-26-1621-p16978-v426-S
Seed Number:1451785181
Type of Bug: Memory Leak/Crash
Blocking Progression: no
Result of Save/Load: no
Short description: I think I was building a new Command Center when my game locked up and have to use task manager to force close. When I was looking at task manager I saw Titan useing around 25Gig of memory. Memory tab was saying 99% memory used. I included my save file from today’s session I was playing. my dxdiag also included in the .zip file.

Reproduction Steps:

was this command center by a road?

i think so… I dont remmeber

Hey @ShrumpTheOrc - welcome to the forums, thanks for posting! Unfortunately I’m unable to make use of your save file currently - I need the entire Gamedata folder (or at least the Titan.met file that’s contained in there) in order to load your file. Thanks for provide the DXDiag however, that will hopefully come in handy!