Mine Not Extracting Minerals - happy first bug report of 2021!

Build Number / Patch Number: p22215

Seed Number: 1467860579

Type of Bug: Worker AI

Blocking Progression: no

Result of Save/Load: No

Mines seems a lot better in this build. I didn’t have any issues with mines stopping or not being picked up

Mine in Hel-24 is in a weird state. It has 6 employees, has 59 available slots, but is not extracting minerals. Screenshot states “Prioritizing emptying over processing”. Plenty of space in storage to store minerals. I have another Isotpoe mine that’s processing fine. Disabling/enabling the mine also doesnt fix it.

Also kinda of just general periodic slowdowns and like 5 second pauses/stutters. I do have like 300 workers so its probably not helping?

GameData.7z (1.9 MB)


i been having the same exact problem on different occasions and it does not matter how many workers i have but sometimes turning off the mine or removing or adding employees (sometimes) help. As for the stuttering i do have that as well and it specifically starting happening as soon as i start getting closer to 100 employees.

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Thanks as always @Satoru! Happy new year to you as well :smiley:

Is your issue

  1. the mine is full of resource but not being moved by employees . This was the more common issue before

  2. the mine is empty and employees don’t mine the resource. This is a newer problem I encountered

Functionally the end result is the mine is “stuck” but it’s important to know which state you’re referring to.

To add some info in case it’s relevant. While on this map you’ll see 2 connected mines (1 isotope, 1 mineral)

I did at one point have a single level 2 mine. In the screenshot there’s a cluster of 4 council buildings. In that area was some mineral and isotope plots,so I had that one mine extract the surrounding areas. Once it was mined out I demolished it and put in those 4 council buildings

Not sure if it’s relevant but some additional mine information

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