Mines Won't Empty?

Unfortunately, it seems like the mines are still not emptying in the “Ship got real” update.

Build Number / Patch Number:

Seed Number:

Type of Bug:

Blocking Progression:

Result of Save/Load:
No, at one point I was able to save/load with the mines working fine.

Short description:
Mines will fill up and employees will never pick them up

Reproduction Steps:
Not exactly sure what causes it, but it seems like if you build any mine it eventually runs into this bug. I workaround this by destroying the mine and building it in a new spot (it seems like the bug persists if you rebuild it in the same spot).

If I had to guess, it might have bugged after either building a smokestack or a monument, but I would need to retry this again to be certain.

yes i’m having the same problem, also with the patches on the ground i see that employees seem to be lock in a loop

If you have any saves that exhibit this behavior ensure you upload them as it can assist with tracking down the bugs that cause this issue