First impression. Not so good. They still needed Line of sight, and seemed to be a glorified shotgun. Now that I have captured one I shall have to try it.

I was fairly underwhelmed by them at first, but I’ve subsequently changed my mind a bit.

While it’s true that the shooting-behind-cover thing was a bit oversold, it still has a lot of advantages - very long range, close to auto-hit. If it did as much concentrated damage as a sniper rifle or machine gun it would definitely be OP.

I think the clue is that it’s a left-hand weapon: i.e. a back-up. It’s not meant to replace your mech’s main weapon, but as a niche option when the opportunity arises. I think it would make a very interesting choice for a melee mech to put some damage downrange before you’re in melee range.

All that said I’m not sure if I’m going to be using them too-too often, but that’s mainly because I like to have my squad set up in a certain way and the missile launchers don’t really fit with that. I don’t use shotguns very much either, but they’re perfectly cromulent weapons.

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Just wait until you get/run into the primary right hand launchers that don’t need line of sight. Their dumb strong. I win convey missions right now just running around in a big circle lobbing missiles full tilt. I think the tracking is the problem, it’s too strong, I have ran, dash, ran and the missile still follows perfectly the whole time. Also, focus firing over hills and buildings with missiles that can’t be dodged is just too good, both for the enemy and myself. Though I’m enjoying the deadliness of them, making rethink those high integrity no shield parts.

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Aha… that would explain it. I will watch out for them!

Yeah I wasn’t expecting the missile to be able to follow a “M” shaped trajectory. What I mean is the missile can dive towards your mech, then gain altitude after your mech dashes to the side, and dive again. It would seem more fair if the missile could only follow the target instead of diving multiple times.

I wasn’t expecting them to be able to miss the target, turn around and come back again. They do seem to be unpredictable.

Maybe there is important information in the text, but I can’t read it as it is such a small typesize.


I kind of like how they function right now. They dont have a huge amount of damage compared to other weapon classes and in terms of heat/mass ratio, but they have a long optimal range and is “easy” to use while getting into position, making them perfect as a suppression weapon.
If you stand still or move slowly, you are likely to get hit by missiles, but if you move around a lot, odds are they hit nearby buildings, terrain or might detonate midair from flying their full duration.
That is also why they are fairly effective against enemy tanks(such as in convoy missions). They move slowly, are a large, flat target, and generally have worse armor than mechs, so they become easy targets for the missile launchers.

There are also some interesting variations, from cluster missiles that fires very large volleys of smaller missiles(excellent for suppressing targets), to faster, more potent(but far fewer) missiles.

All that being said, I still only see them as support weaponry(and that is fine). They deal less damage(DPS) than most other weaponry, and against faster targets, they are unreliable.
Sure, you could potentially cheese the enemy, by bringing a full squad with missiles, constantly keeping the enemy at range and just bombard them, but it would take 2-3 times longer to complete the missions than if you used regular tactics with regular loadouts.

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