Missing Landtitles

  • Build Number / Patch Number:

    • 0.1.26
  • Seed Number

    • 1451823302
  • Type of Bug

    • Gameplay
      • Bugs that are relating to gameplay that should not be occurring.
  • Blocking Progression?

    • A little bit
      It makes titles unusable eventually leading in no available space.
  • Result of Save/Load?

    • Unsure
  • Short description of what is happening

    • Some land titles are disappearing with their buildings on it (not just the building, the title isn’t usable anymore)
  • Reproduction Steps
    I have no idea, wanted to share the save
    Edit: Both titles had a bug where a blueprint was left on the title, but only visual. after reloading the save the fake blueprint was gone. This also occurred on other titles too that are atm still there

Attaching Screenshots of Bugs

Attaching Save Files

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Thanks for posting this @Dearex! I’ll see if we can’t take a look with the programmers. This is the first I’ve heard of this issue and I’ve also been unable to reproduce, so if you could update your post/save file upload with the entire Gamedata folder (or at least the Titan.met file that’s contained in the Gamedata folder) I’ll be able to take a look at your save file.

Hi @byg_alexa,

new link because i am stupid :]

The whole GameData folder. These are the only two missing titles, no more poped up. I often had these fake Blueprints, so that shouldn’t be the reason.

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