Modifiers that affect Integrity and Barrier only affect base stat; are not multiplied by item level nor affecting total Integrity/Barrier on item


Plating and possibly item modifiers that increase or reduce Integrity and/or Barrier only apply to the base stat listed on the item’s info card, and only that increase/decrease is applied to the total Integrity/Barrier of the item. The changes do not get multiplied to the item’s level nor do they apply to the total Integrity/Barrier present on the item.

This results in the plating items not providing much of a change in the item’s total durability, but still granting their significant changes to Mass, possibly throwing off the intended balance of the items.

Hollowed and Empty plating are currently excellent choices because of how much they increase your movement speed, while not offering much of a decrease in protection. Conversely, the other armor types increase the mass of the item significantly while not offering much of an increase in protection.

Repro case:

  1. Spawn Elbrus M Torso
  2. Spawn Heavy Plating subsystem
  3. Spawn Empty Plating subsystem
  4. Note Integrity of torso
  5. Equip Heavy Plating. Note system only affects base integrity stat and adds that amount to total.
  6. Equip Empty Plating. Note system only affects base integrity and reduces that amount from total.

In the below example, you can see the base integrity for this Elbrus M torso is 297.
Adding Heavy Plating (+30% Mass, +20% Integrity, +20% Barrier) only adds 59 total integrity to the item. 297 * 0.2 = 59.4.

Adding Empty Plating (-30% Mass, -30% Integrity, -30% Barrier) only removes 89 integrity from the total. 297 * 0.3 = 89.1

You can also confirm this with Regenerative Plating.

Base barrier value is 61. Regenerative Plating (+15% Barrier, +15% Mass (Tooltip is wrong and rounds up)) adds 10 Barrier. 61 * 0.15 = 9.15. 9.15 + 61 = 70.15. I actually would expect an increase of 9, but we got 10 for some reason; probably a rounding issue on the base item. Please note that I am not using the default barrier multiplier values for Tsubasa.

I haven’t tested this with Integrity++ or Barrier++ modifiers but I suspect the same thing is happening.