More bugs... Please Help!

Hello Devs!

Maybe what I wrote is already on the forum, but still add my bugs:
• Blocked workers, just standing in one place, how to fix it?
• Transport is blocked, all trucks are busy but they are not on the roads.
• Sometimes Low FPS (1) at the fastest game speed, not always.
Treated by the inclusion of 1st game speed(15-25fps). Previously,
this did not slow down, only after update 2. And the game
sometimes hangs.
• A lot of garbage, my workers do not have time to clean it, smokestak
do not burn waste. All storages is full.
• Facilities are full of waste. How to deal with it?
• Resources from the Mine are not withdrawn, workers do not move
• Today Burrow hovered and the button frize, buildings endlessly emit
a red pulse.
• And a few more minor bugs.

Despite this, all managed to complete the campaign in 95 hours.

Thanks for game!!! :+1:

ps//sorry for my bad english

More screenshots:

Hi @Konstantin_Rubikoff, welcome to the forums! I’m glad that you were still able to play to the end of the campaign despite the issues.

It’s possible that blocked workers, emptying the mines, and your waste issues are related. Did you have enough storage space available for workers to store waste? They need to store the waste before transporting it to a smokestack.

Framerate issues are something that we’re aware of and we’re working on fixing. Thank you for your patience!

I’ll look into the truck and burrowing issues. Thank you for reporting them!

Your gifs have the steam community redirect in them for some reason.

I noticed trucks going away when I would be in a negative power cycle (not enough fuel for generators and batteries empty) so everything powered on and off every second. Usually though being in this state for more than a minute is hard as it exponentially raised the chance of a lockup (game freezes) the longer it went on so never tried to see if the trucks all go away completely or if it was unreleated.

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Thank you for responding so quickly)

I say workers stuck on the street see link:
I have many storages, they are all full(waste), but from where no one is moving to smokestack(
I also noticed a bug with artifacts
Why there are so many of them, I would not have time to collect so much for the game.

Here is the new link for the gif:
I will consider your information, thank you)

Fortunately, we’ve just discovered what’s been happening with the trucks and will be hopefully fixing soon (although it’s possible this bug has multiple sources) @Konstantin_Rubikoff @Klypto! Thank you for your reports!

That artifacts one is a first for me, I’ll take a look into this too.

ok thanks, we will know the update)

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i saw that when you run out of storage all workers just stop doing anything, especially with waste storage.
You can manage all day long but if you don’t have enough storage in waste workers just stop. Instead of storing the waste take it directly to the smokestack and use that as a storage depot. Thats what the smokestack is for is to get rid of the waste up the storage on the smokestack and add it to the overall storage counter problem solve.

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workers also get stuck on the material patches, mines are not emptying like it should, and workers are idle at times after building the smokestack or at a certain point. I mange to build a few waste containers even tho they weren’t full and it seems to fix that but shouldn’t have to do that. Reconstruct the employee jobs to make it evenly spread or allow you set what or how many employees to work for an example mines and have those employees empty them, or empty them automatically reason for this because if you want to construct a building and you have that to set as number 1 in the priorities all employees handle that job and abandoned the jobs they once had.

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